About Me

Hello! My name is Darshan Maiya. You are most welcome to my web page. I am currently a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I was formerly a Software Developer at IBM India where I worked as an intern for 6 months and later as an employee for 2 years before heading to the US to pursue my Master's. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from R.N.S Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India from where I graduated in 2013.

I worked in the Rational division of the Software Group within IBM. I have considerable experience in developing complex web UI's and have contributed to enterprise applications such as Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM), IBM Jazz Reporting Service (JRS), Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) and Rational Team Concert (RTC).

My majors areas of interest include cloud computing, user interface design and design thinking. I like creating designs and UIs which work seamlessly on all types of devices and form factors.

Professional Experience

Software Developer at IBM Software Group (Rational)

2 years (July '13 - August '15)

I worked in the Rational division, which develops software for managing the complete software development lifecycle of an application. My job primarily involved developing complex UIs for web applications using technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java etc. I have contributed to products like Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM), IBM Jazz Reporting Service (RTC), Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) and Rational Team Concert (RTC).

My role in RELM, JRS and RPE mainly involved working with technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and Eclipse. I have used JavaScript libraries like jQuery, Dojo, BackboneJS, RequrieJS. I also have experience in developing hybrid UIs using Bootstrap. In RTC I contributed to the Visual Studio client which involved working with technologies like .NET and C#.

Project Trainee (Intern) at IBM Software Group (Rational)

6 Months (Jan '13 - Jun '13)

I developed a business oriented application to visualize SPARQL queries and fetch data from RDF data stores using web related technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, Dojo, etc. My application allowed users to build graphs using icons taken from Rational applications and generated a SPARQL query which could then be used to query RDF data stores like the IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE).


Product Grabber

Oct '15 - Present

Ruby on Rails deployed on Amazon Web Services

Product Grabber is a product comparison tool which allows users to compare prices and specifications of various products to find the best one. The main goal is to develop a complex web application and use a combination of different techniques to scale the application and handle a large user load while removing performance bottlenecks.

File System for Linux

Oct '15 - Present

C, FUSE, Linux

Developing a user space file system compatible with Linux using FUSE. The main aim is to get the experience of building a production quality file system while simultaneously understanding the Linux file system APIs.

Cloud Based Time Table Generation using Genetic Algorithms

4 Months (Feb '13 - May '13)

Java on Google App Engine with Google Cloud SQL (MySQL)

Time Table Generator allows colleges to prepare their time table by specifying the required data and constraints of the time table. Cloud hosted web based interface provides easy access and is platform independent.

Online Teacher Appraisal System

3 Months (Aug '12 - Oct '12)

C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server

Online Teacher Appraisal System is designed to automate the process of teacher appraisal in the college and to provide faster feedback for teachers while reducing errors involved the in the calculation of results.

Network Intrusion Detection System

2 Months (Oct '12 - Nov '12)

Java with WindowBuilder Pro

Network Intrusion Detection System monitors packets transferred over the network card of a system as per user specified parameters and raises an alert when an anomaly is detected.

Flowchart Builder

3 Months (Feb '12 - May '12)

C++ with OpenGL

Flowchart builder allows users to build flowcharts using simple drag-and-drop techniques. The user can load/save the flowchart for future use and also export it as an image after the completion of the flowchart.

Educational Background

Master of Science (M.S) in Computer Science

University of California, Santa Barbara

2015-2017 (Expected)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Computer Science

R.N.S Institute of Technology, Bangalore [affiliated to V.T.U, Belgaum]


82.64% (First Class with Distinction)

All India Senior School Certificate Examination (12th)

K.V A.S.C Centre(S), Bangalore [affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi]



All India Secondary School Examination (10th)

K.V A.S.C Centre(S), Bangalore [affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi]



Technical Skills

Programming Languages

C, C++, Java, C#

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

JavaScript Libraries

jQuery, Bootstrap, Dojo, BackboneJS, RequireJS


SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

Query Languages


Development Environments

Eclipse, Visual Studio